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Quick prototyping and sharing FTW!!

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Since the beginning of times (of Gemserk), I had one or more local projects where I could test stuff related to the libraries we were using (Slick2D, LibGDX, Artemis), graphical effects, game ideas or just algorithms. One example is the lighting bolt effect I talked about in a previous post, I have also made some videos of some other tests but never uploaded the code.

As these kind of prototypes could be useful for other developers we have started a new project named prototypes (yeah, super creative name) where we (at least I) are going to add some of the new tests and prototypes we make.

To be easily tested by anyone, we created a Webstart and an Android application with a launcher to select which test or prototype you want to run.

Hope you like it.

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A game prototype : Mad Jetpack

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

The previous weekend I started a game prototype named Mad Jetpack, it is a Jetpac remake with Box2D physics and probably more features.

Jetpac is an arcade game where the main idea was to recover parts of your ship and assemble them to fix your ship while different monsters (from each planet you visit I suppose) attack you.

Game prototype is uploaded and it has already some features implemented. As I don't know if I will continue with it or not I want to share the current state with you.

Objective: pick the small circles(ship parts or fuel) and bring them to the greater circle (your ship), avoid the moving circles (enemies).

Instructions: move the character with WASD, aim with the mouse and shoot with the left button, press 1 to restart the game.

PLAY with your imagination

Hope you enjoy it.

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Super Flying Thing - Update 01

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

A new version of Super Flying Thing was released, here is a screenshot:

Super Flying Thing - Screenshot

And here a list of changes:

  • Improved a bit controls to be less sensible (keeps being a bit hard on Android though).
  • Added six simple levels on Challenge mode, created using Inkscape.
  • Changed the obstacles to be filled now, as you see on the screenshot, also the planets.
  • Added in game basic instructions.
  • Added a pause screen where you can restart level or ask to show instructions again
  • Added a game over screen shown when you die playing Challenge mode, not 100% sure about how it stops the gameplay

Some stuff for debugging purposes:

  • Toggle controls customization window by pressing 0, this window lets you customize ship's movement values like acceleration, etc.
  • Take screenshots by pressing 9 (saved on your tmp folder).
  • Toggle FPS by pressing 8
  • Toggle Box2D debug renderer by pressing 7

Now, if you want to play it, links again:

Play on PC

or play it on Android:

Play on Android

We will be trying some new stuff on the next days like moving obstacles and others.

That's all for now, hope you like the game and enjoy playing it.

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Super Flying Thing With No Name - New game prototype

Monday, July 4th, 2011

We are working on a prototype for a new game with no defined name, graphics and sounds yet. But, game mechanics are, and they are fun, at least for me (arielsan).

In a simple description, the game is about a flying thing (probably a ship) which should travel from one safe point to another through a series of difficult paths.

Super Flying Thing - Screenshot
(note: I wanted to post a video but I had problems recording it)

There are going to be two game objectives, a main objective of reaching the destination alive and a second objective of taking all the stuff (coins, stars, diamonds, box2d polygons, something) on the level.

Game mechanics are not fully decided yet, the idea is to make simple levels and don't allow you to receive a single hit on the ship, else you die. However, one option is to have some kind of shield and if you reach the destination with full shields then you have a Perfect score.

Also, game controls are a bit too sensible for now, but game levels are not defined so we will improve control sensibility when we have some levels.

We have some ideas in mind like having a level editor and let players share levels and stuff, lets see what happens.

Finally, if you want to try the game, there is a Webstart and also an APK to download, it will be on Android market when we have a name decided, or maybe with Super Flying thing name.

Play on PC


  • LEFT key to rotate ship left
  • RIGHT key to rotate ship right
  • SPACE to release the ship
  • R to reset the level and generate a new one on random and practice modes

or play it on Android:

Play on Android


  • Touch LEFT half of the screen to rotate left
  • Touch RIGHT half of the screen to rotate right
  • Touch screen to release the ship
  • MENU key to reset the level on random and practice modes

That's all for now, hope you like the game and enjoy playing it.

UPDATE: added the missing screenshot

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Archers Vs Zombies - Dev Log - 01

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

I am working on a new game for Android and PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) platforms. The name of the game is not clear yet, for now is Archer Vs Zombies. It is being developed using Libgdx (using its box2d port for the physics), Artemis Entity System Framework and Animation4j. I want to be blogging about the game development progress, maybe some game design decisions and how I am using the libraries, stuff like that.

Quick Description

An archer has to defend something (could be a castle, a house, people) from enemies (zombies, vampires, etc) which are coming to steal/destroy/kill/eat brains (yeah, they are bad) by throwing arrows to them. There will be waves of enemies and different levels with different landscapes.

Here is a video of the current status of the game, so you can visualize the concept:

note: something happened with the video, it should be finished after second 20.

Here are the features I will concentrate for now:

  • There are enemies which comes to kill/steal/destroy.
    • Add a movable target as the first enemy prototype.
  • The player can control the bow power.
    • Add feedback of the current bow power (probably add an arrow in the bow when charging which moves depending on the charge).
    • Restrict bow power.

I already have some ideas to add more depth to the game but I want to explain them in further posts.

The game is open source (for now?) with the codename of archervsworld. Also I have a link here if you want to test the latest PC stable version, and here to test the latest Android stable version.

Hope you like it.

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Face Hunt - Introduction

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

We are developing an Android game using Libgdx named Face Hunt. It is only a test to learn a bit about Libgdx and Android's world. Right now, the game will work best on 480x800 devices.

The game is about killing smilies by touching them :D, here is a video:

And here is the qr code for the link of the game if you want to download the game in your android and test it:


Btw, if you want to download the apk, you can touch the image. Don't rely on that link, it could be down in any time, the idea is to put our games on android market directly.

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Animation4j Project Introduction

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Some time ago I started an internal project to simplify working with animations and transitions when making games in Java.

It was used in some of our games, for example ZombieRockers to make different kind of effects like fade in/out of screens or the points messages when scoring, or in JSnakes to make camera effects like zoom in/out, camera movement, etc.

After using it on our games, it became more clear what kind of things are possible with it.

Now that we are using Github for our source code, we started a dedicated project named animation4j with all the stuff related with animations.

This video shows some working examples of the project:

You can download a runnable jar to test the features shown in the video.

The project is on development, so right now there are a lot of things to improve starting by making easy to understand examples.

I plan to add more posts explaining some design decisions and showing how to use the library.

Hope Java developers could find some use for it.

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JSnakes for a Contest

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

We are making a game for the contest we wrote about in the last post. The game is a remake of our own JSnakes we made a year ago, which is based on the classic Snake but using a free movement.

In order to make the game a bit interesting, we decided to add some minigames using the free movement basic mechanics. Some examples could be a Tron or an Arkanoid.

A core feature we have since the game started is local multiplayer, and that is one of the most funny things of the game. We think we should explore more this feature adding some coop minigames for example.

If you want to try the development version of the game, click here.

Here is a video of the game right now:

One thing we are working right now is to integrate the game with a Jbullet (a port of bullet physics engine for java) to test some interesting behaviours and see if we should add them to the game or not.

Here is a video showing a snake moving a box:

Thanks for reading.

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Game Development Contest in Uruguay

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Once a year a Game Development Contest named "Concurso Nacional de Videojuegos" is made in Uruguay, organized by Ingenio and Proanima. This year corresponds to the 5th year contest, it began on July 14th and it ends on November 9th. During this time, a series of conferences are performed where people from video games industry are invited to share their experiences in developing games. All the conferences are leaded by the owner of Powerful Robot Games, Gonzalo Frasca.

Some people invited from local games companies are Fernando Sansberro from Batovi Game Studios (creators of The Adventure of Mary Ann and the Lucky Pirates, Super Vampire Ninja and some other games), Eli Barnet from Kef Sensei (creators of Parking Dash and Hotel Dash, etc), people from Trojan Chicken (creators of División Especial de Detectives for olpc and pc) and people from Kalio (creators of TriDefense for iPhone).

At the end of the last two contests, organizers invited Chaim Gingold (Spore game designer) and Robin Hunicke (Producer at thatgamecompany) to judge the contest games and share experiences as well.

This year we decided to participate with a small game in order to make a small entrance in the local industry and to establish a better relationship with the other industry members, and to win the contest, of course.

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Zombie Rockers

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

In our never ending quest to improve our skills and learn a little more about designing video games, we decided to make a game called Zombie Rockers.

Zombie Rockers is an example of a match three game like Zuma, Luxor and Pirate Poppers.
Basically, the objective of the game is to prevent a chain of balls of different colors rolling along a given path from reaching the end of the path by throwing balls and making groups of 3 or more balls of the same color.

We choose this game because we thought it would be a simple game, and that we could implement the basic mechanic in a simple way, generating some content and levels and make a full simple game out of it. But the reality was that it was a much harder task that what we initially thought. The basic mechanic has a lot of little details that were hard to represent in an easy way in our framework, and generating content although easy the first time, is hard to modify and tune, and we are too lazy also.

We were working on the game about two months ago and we were waiting to publish it because we wanted it to have the minimum of features it required and to remove all bugs we found. Now that it is in a playable state we decided to put it in the games section.

The biggest problem we have is that the game has the best name ever in the whole wide world, but there are no zombies.

Hope you can give it a try, play the game here.

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