Face Hunt - Introduction

We are developing an Android game using Libgdx named Face Hunt. It is only a test to learn a bit about Libgdx and Android's world. Right now, the game will work best on 480x800 devices.

The game is about killing smilies by touching them :D, here is a video:

And here is the qr code for the link of the game if you want to download the game in your android and test it:

Btw, if you want to download the apk, you can touch the image. Don't rely on that link, it could be down in any time, the idea is to put our games on android market directly.

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  • Void

    ariel! that's awesome! 😀 may I suggest to make the faces SMILE when you touch them? Make the faces happy with a touch would be much more motivating I think! 🙂

  • arielsan

    I like the idea.

  • Nice, how is programon Android ? Do you use emulator o a real device?

  • arielsan

    We are using real devices, it is a must if you want to develop games because the emulator sucks for game developing 🙁