Quick prototyping and sharing FTW!!

Since the beginning of times (of Gemserk), I had one or more local projects where I could test stuff related to the libraries we were using (Slick2D, LibGDX, Artemis), graphical effects, game ideas or just algorithms. One example is the lighting bolt effect I talked about in a previous post, I have also made some videos of some other tests but never uploaded the code.

As these kind of prototypes could be useful for other developers we have started a new project named prototypes (yeah, super creative name) where we (at least I) are going to add some of the new tests and prototypes we make.

To be easily tested by anyone, we created a Webstart and an Android application with a launcher to select which test or prototype you want to run.

Hope you like it.

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  • theGod

    yes, we like it 🙂 thx a lot 🙂 what IDE are you guys using for development? it doesn't looks like eclipse or IntelliJ project, or?

  • arielsan

    Nice you like it :D.

    We are using Eclipse IDE, however the eclipse project configuration is not uploaded to the version control repository, instead we use maven pom.xml and create the eclipse project by importing the project using maven eclipse integration.

  • arielsan

    Would you like to contact us directly by mail so maybe we can help you configure a project depending on commons-gdx/animation4j/etc and, at the same time, improve those projects to simplify them for a future user? you can find our contacts in the about page.