Vampire Runner version 1.0.0 on Android Market

We were working hard to make a new release of Vampire Runner with some big changes.

Mainly, all graphics assets were remade by Estudio Egg, so the game looks tons of times nicer now. Take a look:

Then, we also improved game mechanics by adding different transformations to the vampire to move through different obstacles, so the game is a bit more interesting now.

Finally, if you play the game on Android, we also added OpenFeint integration, so if you already use OpenFeint with friends, you can compete with them to be the best Vampire Runner.

Here is the QR-code if you want to easy access from your Android device:

The game changed a lot from what it was, hope you enjoy the changes.

If you installed and liked the game, please rate it on the market, and share it with your friends and everyone you know.

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Rating: 4.2/5 (5 votes cast)
Vampire Runner version 1.0.0 on Android Market, 4.2 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
  • Anonymous

    Downloaded! Presentation is really good and mechanics are clear, explained and easy to learn.
    On my LG -P500 is a bit slow and sometimes rocks comes too quickly. I don't too much advertisings but is okay in this game.

    Dev question: Is Open Feint easy to integrate into your game?

  • Really glad that you liked it, and thanks for trying it.

    Did you try changing the background quality? does that improve the performance?

    About the openfeint integration, adding it was relatively easy, we had to do some work because since it doesn't have a desktop implementation, we had to wrap the openfeint api to work the same way our desktop scores implementation does.
    We will make a blog post explaining the way we used openfeint, and some of our thoughts on the openfeint service,

  • Anonymous

    You write user feedback, so here we are 😀
    My suggestion is to have a dedicated page for this game or a "home" for people coming from Android Market, read a blog that change in the future could be not so good.

    Performance: yes, no improving. Problem is game "seems" to be not a fixed fps, 🙁 did you add some control about that ?

    Openfeint: some feedback could be useful, in particular: people are using OpenFeint?

    About desktop/mobile integration: I think this is a issue for developing android games. Developers work on a desktop version, but on android version have some features (for example store preferences on local sql lite db or so on ) and need a fallback implementation for it, it's a pain or better, it's something we have to dealing it