As we mentioned on the previous post, we were integrating JBullet to JSnakes, well, now all game objects behaviours are based on the use of that physics engine.

We have a video showing how it looks by now:

With the physics engine working, we have a lot of new possibilities.

Some examples of new mechanics are pushing other players to keep them from taking food.

There are many ideas to try, some people told us to make the snakes destructible and add some weapons, those seem like interesting ideas and could be the next things to work.

Some other aspects of the game we were working were:

  • We changed the game screen resolution and made the game world resolution independent.

  • We added a camera based on the Dassault camera.

Right now, we are working on adding some obstacles to the game and test interaction with them.

Remember, you can play the latest stable version here, or the latest unstable version here.