Bankin’ Bacon

A Shoot’em up experience to be played among friends (2 to 4 players) where your life is currency.

Pigs Mayhem in Space

3d Worms-like game where you play over small worlds that can be destroyed by the other players and only one can survive. Enter here or here to know more about the game.

Clash of the Olympians (iOS and Android Port)

This is the mobile port we made of the awesome Clash of the Olympians game from Ironhide Game Studio.

Vampire Runner

Help save the friendly vampire running for his life!. Transform him into bat or mist to move through different obstacles.


It’s the challenging action game where you fight against evil smileys. Defeat hundreds of enemies before they kill you, touch over them to make them explode.

Super Flying Thing

Master the flight of the Super Flying Thing traveling through complex paths and dodging multiple obstacles while collecting stars and reaching the target planet alive.

Zombie Rockers

Zombie Rockers is an example of a match three game like Zuma, Luxor and Pirate Poppers. The objective of the game is to prevent a chain of balls of different colors rolling along a given path from reaching the end of the path.

Archers Vs Zombies

Throw arrows to incoming enemies.

Auditorium Clone

Make the particles reach the target by changing the flow.

Codename: Taken

Survive an incoming attack by using a friendly robot which defend you.


A demake of Puppy Games’s Droid Assault for Game Jolt Demake Contest.

Discover The Way

It is a puzzle action game where the objective is to make the ball reach all the crosses safe. To do that, you will have to discover a safe way of blocks avoiding others that will break if you get over. If you fall, you lose.

Dude that’s my bullet

Floating Islands

It is the action/puzzle game where you jump between different platforms to reach the blue flag.

Grappling Hookus

Grab enemies and shoot them to other enemies to kill them.

Island Warriors


A remake of the classic snakes game with a 360 degree of free movement.


A simple shoot em up game like Geometry Wars.

Tower Of Defense

Cloned version of the tower defense game named geoDefense for iPhone and iPod touch.