Mavennatives project is composed by a Maven plug-in and an Eclipse plug-in we developed in order to simplify working with natives dependencies.

The Maven plug-in unpacks every dependency with a classifier beginning with “natives-“. By default its executed in the package phase, and unpacks in the target/natives directory.

The Eclipse plug-in automatically executes the Maven plug-in and configures the java.library.path for Eclipse projects with natives dependencies. This makes working with natives dependencies transparent and you can use the Run menu without having to set java.library.path manually for each run configuration. Right now this Eclipse plug-in only works with an outdated version of m2eclipse but a new version is in the works.

To work with LWJGL natives, we made custom releases of LWJGL jars with classifiers “natives-win”, “natives-linux” and “natives-mac” with corresponding OS natives each one. As the Eclipse plug-in is not working with current m2eclipse version, we added the goal nativedependencies:copy to Maven -> Life Cycle from Eclipse project properties, so each time you clean the project the maven plug-in executes and the natives are copied to target/natives folder, after that, we configure by hand the java.library.path to point to that folder.

Mavennatives plug-in is [already on Maven central]( ga 1 mavennatives) and we are trying to get LWJGL and Jinput into Maven central too, using the natives format natives-${os} we defined for this plug-in.

If you want to take a look at the project, visit googlecode at mavennatives.

UPDATE: maven natives eclipse plug-in is updated so it should be working for latest version of m2eclipse

UPDATE2: maven natives eclipse plug-in is not working with the latest version of m2eclipse hosted in

UPDATE3: LWJGL is already on maven central.