This weekend was the Ludum Dare contest, and as you may already know, we always try to participate. It was the Ludum Dare number 20 and the theme was It’s Dangerous to go Alone! Take this!.

I was the only one who entered the contest this time, my game is named Codename: Taken. The idea is to survive as long as you can, there are red flying robots which fires at you and you have a green flying robot which protects you. The defender robot is a bit slow, so as you move away from him you become vulnerable to enemy robots then it is dangerous to go alone.

Here are the links for the game:

Here is a gameplay video:

And here a time lapse video:

The game is incomplete, I lost all Saturday making stuff for a game that I modified totally on Sunday. Some missing stuff:

  • Finish the game when you get killed or when you fall from the borders of the world
  • Increase points while you keep alive
  • Show a health bar of the character
  • Add a way to recover your health (maybe a magic mushroom or maybe only points made by survival time)
  • Add some other objective like reaching some point?

Well, that’s all, hope you could play it and you like it. I will be uploading a time lapse video in the next days.

UPDATE: Added time lapse video.

UPDATE 2: I am working on finishing some of the listed stuff for Ludum Dare 20 Jam

UPDATE 3: Added a link to play the jam version of the game.