We have updated Face Hunt on Android Market again, adding the following changes:

  • Added remote highscores with a Highscores screen.
  • You can now specify your profile username on main menu screen.
  • Fixed some resolution bugs when showing Tutorial text on small and medium devices.
  • Red faces now do no damage when they are invulnerables but when vulnerables they do 2x previous damage.
  • Red faces status change times are random now.
  • Added new friendly white face which will recover your life for a while, but it will do a lot of damage if you kill it.

And here a list of probably next stuff to work on:

  • Local high scores to let you record your scores even if you are internet-less
  • Different high scores categories like daily/weekly/monthly/all like Jumping Slime does.
  • Power ups like explode all enemies or recover health, etc.
  • See how we can add some Ads to the game

Hope you like it.