We are working on a prototype for a new game with no defined name, graphics and sounds yet. But, game mechanics are, and they are fun, at least for me (arielsan).

In a simple description, the game is about a flying thing (probably a ship) which should travel from one safe point to another through a series of difficult paths.

Super Flying Thing - Screenshot
(note: I wanted to post a video but I had problems recording it)

There are going to be two game objectives, a main objective of reaching the destination alive and a second objective of taking all the stuff (coins, stars, diamonds, box2d polygons, something) on the level.

Game mechanics are not fully decided yet, the idea is to make simple levels and don’t allow you to receive a single hit on the ship, else you die. However, one option is to have some kind of shield and if you reach the destination with full shields then you have a Perfect score.

Also, game controls are a bit too sensible for now, but game levels are not defined so we will improve control sensibility when we have some levels.

We have some ideas in mind like having a level editor and let players share levels and stuff, lets see what happens.

Finally, if you want to try the game, there is a Webstart and also an APK to download, it will be on Android market when we have a name decided, or maybe with Super Flying thing name.

Play on PC


  • LEFT key to rotate ship left
  • RIGHT key to rotate ship right
  • SPACE to release the ship
  • R to reset the level and generate a new one on random and practice modes

or play it on Android:

Play on Android


  • Touch LEFT half of the screen to rotate left
  • Touch RIGHT half of the screen to rotate right
  • Touch screen to release the ship
  • MENU key to reset the level on random and practice modes

That’s all for now, hope you like the game and enjoy playing it.

UPDATE: added the missing screenshot