Even though our main objective remains making money, we also love to write interesting posts and make all our work open source. Some people told us they liked our work and wanted to support it by making donations.

We don’t expect being able to live from donations, but they could help a lot to cover the ongoing costs that we have like server (svn, git, build server, etc), hosting (blog). They would even help us invest in other stuff like paying for art, sounds, or other interesting stuff that would help us improve our games and our chances in creating a successful game studio.

If you are interested in helping us by making a donation we added a Paypal donation button on the sidebar, we will be forever grateful and will continue trying to provide interesting content and useful tools for other developers.

Special thanks to Jens Hohmuth (@void256) the author of nifty-gui who insisted that we put up a way to make donations and immediately after that made the first donation.