Clash of the Olympians for Android

For the last eight months approx we were working with Ironhide Game Studio on a port to Android of their game Clash of the Olympians originally made for Flash. We are happy to announce that it was released on Google Play on last December 6th.

It is not a direct port since it has new features like bonuses for making combos during the game, new enemy behaviors, a hero room to see your score when you finish the game and multiple save slots. Also, the game mechanics changed a bit since they were adapted to touch devices and the game was rebalanced to match the new controls.

If you didn't already, go and get it on Google Play:

QR code:

Hope you enjoy it.

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Clash of the Olympians for Android, 5.0 out of 5 based on 13 ratings
  • zolgatron

    Awesome job! What libraries/techniques did you guys use for this mostly? I suppose libgdx, box2d and artemis ? Any takeaways for new game devs ?

  • Gornova

    Great news! I'll try it ASAP! 😀

  • Ariel Coppes

    Thanks, hope you like it 🙂

  • Ariel Coppes

    Yep, we use LibGDX, Box2D and Artemis. My advice for new game devs.... don't use an entity system framework, at least not for the first game and/or for a complex game unless you have great experience in both making games and using those kind of frameworks. In our case, we had problems when we wanted to do really specific custom behavior since we still don't know the best solutions for some situations when using an entity system. Will try to make some blog posts about the development of this game if I can.

  • zolgatron

    Yes a blog post would be great! Maybe a post about some cons of entity frameworks or basic gotchas would be good too..

  • Gornova

    I agree real world experiences are best to learn!

  • NotCamelCase

    It's both programmatically and graphically greatly designed game. have already installed and given 5 stars that it deserves 🙂