This is a list of some of the implemented stuff in the latest released version:

  • There are enemies which comes to kill/steal/destroy.
    • Add a movable target as the first enemy prototype.
    • (more stuff to do…)
  • The player can control the bow power (first version).
    • Add feedback of the current bow power (probably add an arrow in the bow when charging which moves depending on the charge).
    • Restrict bow power
  • The player can kill enemies with arrows
    • Arrows keep in the bodies of the enemies while they are alive and angle is less than 45 degrees.
    • (more stuff to do…)
  • Arrow get stick in the ground when hit it with an angle less than 45 degrees.
  • Added assets for the grass in the ground and remove grass from background 😀

One problem now is that the archer is not so easy to control, so I will focus on testing different kind of controls in the next days. Also, I want to make the enemies die when several arrows hit them, and probably make an enemy spawner so the enemies keep coming after they die.