More updates, yay!!, here is the magic list:

  • Added an animated background with the game playing on all menu screens.
  • Added nicer animation for the stars.
  • Added nicer level buttons (nicer than the white rectangle at least).
  • Added fonts for x-small resolution devices like Xperia X10 mini, for instructions screen mainly, thanks @deepinthewoods for reporting that (resizing current fonts didn’t work so well).
  • Changed a bit the Ship 3D animation.
  • Changed again, on Android, to touch the screen to release the ship, but you cannot release the ship while the camera is moving to the starting planet.
  • Fixed a bug on Android when the level started and the ship automatically collided with the obstacles, and when you release the next ship, the game explodes.
  • Fixed level list to start on level 1 not level 0, thanks @tom_orozco for reporting that.
  • Fixed some bugs when touching BACK key on Android devices, you could exit the game if you pressed it too quickly.

(note: if you want, you can follow commit history here)

Remember, you can play it right now, just follow the next links:


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