We have a new update with new features, here is a video some of them:

As always, a change log:

  • Added levels 13 and 14.
  • Added a basic AI to control the ship on background game.
  • Added portals which teleports the ship from one point to another
  • Added lasers guns which shots lasers to destroy the ship
  • Added colors to visited planets, to know if the planet is the start planet or not.
  • Added played level status by showing a Tick over the levels on level selection screen.
  • Added time label to show current time on level, will be (probably) part of the game objectives later.
  • Incremented bounds of stars and sprites to make them easier to take.
  • Fixed a bug when finishing the random/practice modes and showing the select level button

(note: if you want, you can follow commit history here)

Remember, you can play it right now, just follow the next links:


Play on Android

Hope you enjoy it.