Face Hunt v1.0.7 - Update

Another Face Hunt update on Android Market, changes this time are:

  • Improved high scores.
  • Changed fonts for high scores and tutorial.
  • Changed background to look a bit nicer.
  • Added wake lock to avoid application to sleep when playing.
  • Modified default name for guest profiles to be guest-xxxxx instead undefinded-xxxxx.

We know it looks like a small change, but the release is related with some updates we made to our high scores system. We will talk about it in future post.

Hope you like it.

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Face Hunt v1.0.6 - Update

We have updated Face Hunt on Android Market again, adding the following changes:

  • Added remote highscores with a Highscores screen.
  • You can now specify your profile username on main menu screen.
  • Fixed some resolution bugs when showing Tutorial text on small and medium devices.
  • Red faces now do no damage when they are invulnerables but when vulnerables they do 2x previous damage.
  • Red faces status change times are random now.
  • Added new friendly white face which will recover your life for a while, but it will do a lot of damage if you kill it.

And here a list of probably next stuff to work on:

  • Local high scores to let you record your scores even if you are internet-less
  • Different high scores categories like daily/weekly/monthly/all like Jumping Slime does.
  • Power ups like explode all enemies or recover health, etc.
  • See how we can add some Ads to the game

Hope you like it.

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Face Hunt v1.0.5 - Update

We have updated Face Hunt on Android Market adding some new stuff to try to improve fun when playing it. The next video shows the changes:

Here is the change log:

  • Added new types of faces, a green one that moves random and a red one which becomes immortal for a while.
  • Added a Tutorial to teach you about each type of enemy
  • Now instead having two lives which you lose when a face disappears, you have a health bar which is reduced while faces are alive, so you have to kill them quick in order to survive longer.
  • Modified the game to use physics so the enemies now hit each other
  • Added particle effects when you hit an enemy
  • Added menu screen to choose between different game modes.

Hope you like it.

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Face Hunt - Android Market

Face Hunt is now on Android market, categorized as Casual Game, so if you want to download it on your Android device, you can search for it on the Android market. We also provide a QR code for easy access:

As we are testing Android development and Android market, please play the game and make comments and/or rate it so we can improve our games for you. Thanks.

There is also a new Gameplay's Video:

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Face Hunt - Introduction

We are developing an Android game using Libgdx named Face Hunt. It is only a test to learn a bit about Libgdx and Android's world. Right now, the game will work best on 480x800 devices.

The game is about killing smilies by touching them :D, here is a video:

And here is the qr code for the link of the game if you want to download the game in your android and test it:

Btw, if you want to download the apk, you can touch the image. Don't rely on that link, it could be down in any time, the idea is to put our games on android market directly.

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