Enter the contest - JSnakes

Today was the date limit for the contest we talked about some posts ago, and we can say JSnakes one of the contestants.

Sadly, we are not satisfied with the current state of the game, there are a lot of mechanics we wanted to try but we could not implement them because of serveral reasons. However, one of our main objectives was to at least enter the contest, so that we could establish contact with other developers.

The game version for the contest is on this link, you can try it if you want. That version is not going to change if we keep working on the game.

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JSnakes - Update - 2010/10/26

As we mentioned on the previous post, we were integrating JBullet to JSnakes, well, now all game objects behaviours are based on the use of that physics engine.

We have a video showing how it looks by now:

With the physics engine working, we have a lot of new possibilities.

Some examples of new mechanics are pushing other players to keep them from taking food.

There are many ideas to try, some people told us to make the snakes destructible and add some weapons, those seem like interesting ideas and could be the next things to work.

Some other aspects of the game we were working were:

* We changed the game screen resolution and made the game world resolution independent.

* We added a camera based on the Dassault camera.

Right now, we are working on adding some obstacles to the game and test interaction with them.

Remember, you can play the latest stable version here, or the latest unstable version here.

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JSnakes for a Contest

We are making a game for the contest we wrote about in the last post. The game is a remake of our own JSnakes we made a year ago, which is based on the classic Snake but using a free movement.

In order to make the game a bit interesting, we decided to add some minigames using the free movement basic mechanics. Some examples could be a Tron or an Arkanoid.

A core feature we have since the game started is local multiplayer, and that is one of the most funny things of the game. We think we should explore more this feature adding some coop minigames for example.

If you want to try the development version of the game, click here.

Here is a video of the game right now:

One thing we are working right now is to integrate the game with a Jbullet (a port of bullet physics engine for java) to test some interesting behaviours and see if we should add them to the game or not.

Here is a video showing a snake moving a box:

Thanks for reading.

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